Wreckingball- Song Story

I love how kids are not very good at being religious.  A while ago my son Cadence and I were playing in the yard.  Completely out of the blue he says, "Dad, you need to write some new songs, because you other ones are getting old." After my ego got over the shock of being punched in the guts, I laughed and replied, "Well, why don't you ask God to give me some new songs." Without hesitation, Cadence says out loud, "God give daddy some new songs, he really needs some new ones." I really love the confidence that my son has that nothing is impossible.

Later that day, Cadence and I were hanging out in the house, he was playing with his new legos and I was playing with my toy; A Jerry Jones baritone electric guitar.  All of a sudden I felt the Lord say to me, "What does it look in the eyes of your Son for heaven to invade earth."  I love when God speaks one thought and suddenly a whole train of thoughts flash into your mind.  I first thought about the way my son, like most boys, loves explosions.  Then I thought about the time when Jesus said the Kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force.  Then I started strumming a few chords on the guitar and this phrase just slipped out of my mouth, "Let heaven fall like a wrecking ball and crush every plan of enemy."  As I begin to sing those words, a melody begin to form and suddenly Cadence laid down his legos and we were singing the new song he had just asked God for.

"Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, And a two-edged sword in their hand, To execute vengeance....." Psalm 149:6-7

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