Earth Like Heaven- Song Story

In the Autumn of 2010 I was sitting at table in Dublin, Ireland, with some great fathers of the faith.  All these men could talk about was the kingdom of heaven coming to earth.  I felt like one of the hobbits in the presence of Gandalf and Aragorn.  A phrase kept swirling around the table that "We were created to bring the fruitfulness of the garden into the barrenness of the earth."  When we left the table a whisper of more was pulling on my heart and the hope of the age to come was calling me.  Later that evening we gathered with 300 fiery eyed missionaries, the same size as Gideon's army.  We wasted the entire evening worshiping God.  During the night we kept singing this spontaneous song over and over, "We won't be satisfied, till the earth looks just like heaven." I was ruined by that night of worship in Dublin and haven't been the same since.

A few months later we were sitting around my kitchen table telling our friend Elijah some of these stories from Dublin.  As Melissa was sharing a story, the spontaneous song from Dublin began to fill my heart again.  I immediately got up from the table and grabbed my guitar.  I suddenly found myself in one of those incredible moments as a song writer, when you transition beyond just writing a song and shift into receiving a song.  Within a few minutes this song effortlessly came and weeks later we recorded this song titled "Earth like Heaven."

Right now you can preview this song at or you can pre order our new album "On the Shores" with "Earth Like Heaven." 

Here are the lyrics

Earth Like Heaven

The dust that we were made of, is calling us to free them
The earth that we were pulled from, its crying liberate us

We won’t be satisfied till the earth looks just like heaven

Like water cover the sea,
let the earth be filled with your glory
Till the prayers your prayed become reality
and the earth looks just like heaven

Wake up, Sons and Daughters,
we were made for so much more
Wake up, Sons and Daughters,
start singing creations waiting

Your kingdom come, Your will be done,
till the earth looks just like heaven