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In this message Melissa opens the book of her life and candidly reflects on the past decade of growing with the Father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus. Melissa shares a compassionate invitation to embrace both our own humanity and the humanity of Jesus, with a promise that we will meet Him there every time.


In this episode Jonathan and Melissa share their hearts about the new Cageless Birds album releasing this week! Hear a sneak peak of the entire album in this podcast, as well as some of the stories behind the songs.

Go to all the places you get music to get “We Rise” on June 21st.




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“Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the Lord.” (Psalm 102:18) In this episode, Melissa shares her thoughts on sustainability, the mindset of seeing beyond ourselves, and planting an orchard of the nature of God for the generations to come.


In this episode, Cageless Birds Art Director, Justina Stevens, continues her conversation from last month with Jonathan and Melissa Helser, focusing on commonly asked questions about their school, the 18 Inch Journey.