Jonathan David & Melissa Helser

General Fund

Donations given to the general fund will be used to support the ministry and fund our everyday expenses. Click the link above to give online or send in your donation by check to the address below.

Make checks out to :
A Place for the Heart
4228 Beckerdite Road
Sophia, NC 27350


about our ministry

For the past decade, Jonathan and Melissa and our Cageless Birds staff have hosted the 18 Inch Journey, a discipleship school that is devoted to the process of living a wholehearted and Holy Spirit-empowered life. Our desire is to impart what it means to move beyond head knowledge about God and into truly experiencing the fullness of Jesus in daily life. The 18 Inch Journey has also expanded into retreats and camps that we host on the land for all age groups. Every financial gift that you sow into our ministry goes to support the mission of the 18 Inch Journey.


support the 18 inch journey campus campaign

Over the past five years, the 18 Inch Journey staff and schools have nearly doubled in size.  The vision for the Campus Campaign is to develop the campus at A Place for the Heart to support our growth as a ministry.  Thanks to supporters who gave in 2017 and 2018, we raised over 170,000K to build the 18 Inch Journey classroom and a third cabin, which completed Goals 1 and 2 of the Campus Campaign.

Third Cabin : Complete!

In the Summer of 2018 we successfully completed the second goal of our Campus Campaign: to build a third cabin on our campus.  This cabin meets an immediate need to accommodate more students on our land during 18 Inch Journey schools, camps and retreats. Stay tuned for how you can give to future goals of the Campus Campaign in the months to come. By supporting Jonathan and Melissa, you are partnering with this ministry's passion to worship the Father and see how His love changes lives. Learn more about completed goals of the campaign here.

images from the 18 Inch Journey school