Come Worship with Us!


We are excited to announce a special evening of worship and celebration in honor of our two newest albums: Overtaken by Molly Kate Skaggs and Beautiful Surrender by Jonathan and Melissa Helser.

This event will kick off with a set by Molly Kate Skaggs in honor of her debut album, Overtaken. Molly is a founding member of the Cageless Birds collective and has been giving her life to pursuing excellence in musicianship while maintaining a heart full of wonder. Growing up in a musical family with deep roots in folk and acoustic music, Molly enjoys exploring new instrumentation and combining it with the sound of her roots.  For this portion of the evening, we invite the audience to sit back and receive the beauty and inspiration from the sound of Molly’s life.

Molly’s set will be followed with worship led by Jonathan and Melissa Helser and their team. This will be our first time returning to the Carolina Theatre since the release of Endless Ocean, Bottomless Sea in 2013! During this part of the evening, the audience is encouraged to join us in celebrating the release of the newly released album, Beautiful Surrender, by worshipping and pouring out our praise before the King. Tickets are available NOW at 

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