The Helser Family West Coast/Hawaii Excursion

{ Part Two: Oregon Coast }

So here is part 2 of the 20 day trip....We said goodbye to our beloved Brittany with a lovely breakfast. Our children have learned to love deeply, and savor time with the ones they love. We left the lovely mountains of Eugene and drove up the coast. I am convinced that Oregon is one of the most beautiful states in America. We could not believe how many breathtaking views there were.

Traveling with kids Tip #3
[When visiting friends arrange time for intentional goodbyes]

Traveling with kids Tip #4
[Try to arrange several days for just them, and trust that they will appreciate it.]

Traveling with kids Tip #5
[Let them take off their shoes and have an adventure...does it really matter if they get wet?]

Traveling with kids Tip #6
[Point out beauty to them...and then let them point out beauty to you.]

Traveling with kids Tip #7
[Take silly pictures when they ask you to, I promise you will laugh later.]

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