Practicing the Art of Savoring

Written by Melissa Helser

Today I sit on the edge of the rocky, Maine shore, covered in a canopy of thick, rubbery, seaweed the color deep brown and green. The shores in the distance are lined with tall evergreens towering over the rocks. I am in a picturesque land. I take it in as I lounge in my lovely chair. 

Intentional rest. 

Two weeks with no agenda, no work, nothing to do but rest and enjoy. I desire deeply to "carpe diem" this time and slow down. It is August, but I am at the farthest most point on the eastern shore of the US, so I am naturally not lounging in a swimsuit but a lovely thick, shawl collared sweater. I am in this moment learning the discipline of practicing what I teach my children...savoring. The air is crisp and refreshing. I breath in deep and exhale slow. I watch my lovely children and husband set off in a kayak to the tiny islands in the distance, they stick up out of the sea and beckon little children to come and conquer. They are giggling loud with excitement. Adventure, our human souls crave even in the littlest, youngest heart. 

I sit totally content in my chair. Why? Because that water is freezing and the thought of getting wet makes me shiver on the insides. I watch with delight taking in the beauty of it all from a distance. I can see Cadence trying so hard to row in sync with Jonathan. Small arms wanting to help carry the weight of the row. They reach the tiny island and with joy they run around it screaming and shouting. I can barely hear them in the distance but I can see them jumping up and down, like they are the first to make it to this island conquering it with there shouts and arms raised high above their heads. Something so small has filled there heart tanks so full.

If you can't imagine this seen getting any more lovely just the distance of the sea air I hear the sound of bagpipes. Is this for real? They echo over the waters and turn this beautiful seen into a magnificent moment. I strain to hear the melody that is being played, could it really be...Amazing Grace? Unbelievable. I am in awe of how the Lord knows what I love even when I don't. I am in this moment full blown, my heart is soaring. I can feel the 360 view of my soul taking it all in. I am happy, I am content. I feel loved, I feel seen. I am starting to feel rested, smiling and laughing more often. 

Vacation by definition means: a period of suspension from work, study or activity, usually used for rest, freedom or release from duty, business, or activity. I embrace you vacation to restore all the vibrant color back to my soul. Do what you are intended to do. Rejuvenate my inner space as I learn to savor the moments. 

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