A night of Worship with John Mark and Sarah McMillan

Fifteen years ago, John Mark McMillan, Melissa and I attended a school of worship together. We were a bunch of wild and passionate teenagers who had some incredibly squeaky voices and were just stumbling into this thing called worship. The leader of our school was more than just a teacher, he was a true spiritual father.  Just like a wise gardener can see a harvest in the smallest seed, this father saw the greatness hidden in our young hearts.  I will never forget the moment when he stopped in the middle of his teaching and spoke over us, "You are going to write songs that thousands are going to sing." When I heard those words I thought it seemed too good to be true.  Here we are 15 years later and the words of this father have come to pass. I have stood on the shores of nations thousands of miles away and heard the lyrics and melodies of my friend John Mark being sung by a generation.  Join us on October 19th at the Carolina theater in Greensboro, NC as we share the stage with John Mark and his lovely wife Sarah. Not only are these two of my favorite songwriters and worship leaders in the world, they are also my very dear friends. Its going to be more than an event,  but a celebration of friendship and family.  For more information please go to www.jonathanhelser.com