2012 "18 Inch Journey" Video

We have people all over the world ask "What is the 18 inch Journey?" We constantly find our selves stumbling over our words, trying to squeeze into a few sentences, what this amazing journey is. So, we have been working really hard around here to put out some videos that can give you a taste of this beautiful school. This new video about our 2012 school was filmed, edited and created by the amazing John David Gravitt.  John David was a 2010 student and is now running with us on full time staff.  The music for by this video was created by Joel Case and Jake Stevens in our little studio here.  They are both 2009 students and have been on full time staff these last few years and play full time in our band (Joel rocks the drums and Jake rocks his Gretsch Guitar). For more info about the "18 inch Journey" go to www.18inchjourney.com

Jonathan David Helser1 Comment