One take video from Herrnhut, Germany

A few weeks ago I was able to visit Herrnhut, Germany.  I have been dreaming about visiting this place for a long time.  In this little village 24/7 prayer rose for over 100 years and a mission movement was launched that changed history.  I wrote the song "The Reward" after hearing the story of the two first missionaries sent from this town.  They left their homes and families ready to sell there lives into slavery to reach an island of slaves.  As their ship left the shores they cried out "May the lamb that was slain receive the reward of his suffering."  You can still feel their cry resounding in the land. 

On the last day of my visit I was able to get the keys to the prayer tower that over looks the village.  From the top of this tower you can see the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany.  Heaven has touched earth in some amazing ways in this place.  I had a last minute idea, to shoot a one take video of "The Reward" song from the tower.  Click here to see the video we captured from Herrnhut.