Guest Blog w/ David Burbach

This blog post is from David Burbach, a multi talented member of our staff. He is the brains and creativity behind all our videos, podcasts, websites and media. He has helped us pioneer and led the 18 inch journey. He is an incredible assistant to us and most importantly one of the most loyal friends I have ever known. This beautiful blog is about a sailing adventure I skippered with the men of "A place for the heart" a few weeks ago. These beautiful photos are also the work of David's hands.

“If a man would learn to pray, let him go to sea” - unknown

While I by no means claim to know the depths of prayer to which a man may delve to in the midst of the sea, I did get to experience a small taste of her potency.  Last weekend the men of A Place for the Heart took our annual sailing adventure.  There’s certainly something addictive and wonderful about riding up and down on the swells.  Something lovely about the creak of the ropes and the cries of the gulls.  Something spellbinding in the gray clouds and green sea.  Somewhere in the long line of my father’s must’ve been a sailor.   - David Burbach

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