God's Laughter

Imagine the sound of God laughing.  Its almost like trying to envision a color your eyes have never seen.  David slipped into a place of knowing God in such a real way that he heard "the One who sits enthroned in Heaven laughing" at the schemes of the enemy. (Psalm 2:4) I love how I can recognize the sound of a close friend's laughter in a crowd.  David had ears to hear God in the middle of crowd. 

There are a lot of DVD's I am looking forward to watching in heaven.  One replay I want to see is the day the Philistine blacksmiths wielded the sword for their giant Goliath. When we watch this replay, I think the sound of the Lords laughter will drowned out the sound of the blacksmiths hammer forging the massive sword.  I can almost see the Lord gathering the angels and saying, "Look, the sword they think will defeat their enemies, will be the sword that will defeat them."  David took the sword that the giant pointed at him, and removed the head of the giant.  God laughs at His enemies, because His goodness is so good, it can always turn what His enemies meant for evil into victory.  Even the cross the enemy sought to destroy the dream of God with, become the doorway to usher the fulness of God's dream into all mankind.  Graham Cooke said it this way,  "If the enemy would have known what the death of Jesus would accomplish, he would have tried to kill every one that was trying to kill Jesus."  I want to live a life that causes the enemy to regret ever pointing His sword in the direction of one of God's beloved.