God Time

The two most important things that I want to teach my children are to: To know God's love and to know God's voice.  I am grateful beyond words to have had a mother and father who have taught me how to know God's love and hear God's voice.  I am so excited to announce that my father Ken Helser will be teaching a workshop at the "Cageless Birds Worship Gathering" called "God Time." This workshop will be a time to know more of God's love and hear more of God's voice. He describes the workshop like this-

"Do you ever secretly struggle with HOW to spend time with the Lord?  As Disciples of Christ, we know we are called to draw close to Him, but at times we don’t know “HOW”....so our times with Him can feel dry and even burdensome.  At times this leaves us approaching Him out of guilt and obligation. But HE came to give us ABUNDANT LIFE in every way, and wants a satisfying relationship with YOU!  But the question remains:  “How do you have GOD Time?  And how do you have a GOD Time that you enjoy?"

You can find out more info about the God Time workshop with Ken Helser at www.aplacefortheheart.org