Born to do great things

I have never had great success writing music, by trying really hard to write music.  Most of the music I have written is what accidentally falls out of my lips when I find myself helpless in His Presence.  The times when I try to whip up some great lyrics or melodies, it doesn't happen.  It is in the moments when I get lost in the great love He has for me that songs beyond my reach flow out effortlessly.

I have discovered that I often stumble into singing the breakthrough I am going to need for the journey ahead.  Many times I have looked back at the songs I wrote years before and realized that they contain the keys I need for my current season.  When I wrote "I Will Not Be Silent" I was just running after the heart of God and shouting at the giants who were trying to silence my voice.  At the time it seemed like a very simple song.  Almost six years later I am just starting to unpack the revelation that God crammed into that song for me.  The first and second verse go something like this:

I will not be silent
I was born to worship
I will not be quiet
the voice of fear will hold me back no more
I will not give up 
what is my inheritance 
I was born to do great things 
God is alive,  He is inside of me.

I used to be afraid to speak in public. You know why I wrestled with that fear?  Because the enemy fears the voice God has given me.  Fear comes against us because the enemy is afraid of us.  The exact places where we are created to do great things are the same places the enemy targets us with fear. 

A few weeks ago I had the honor to share this message at an amazing school called "Fire and Fragrance" in Kona, Hawaii.  The school is apart of the incredible mission movement called Y.W.A.M. that has been carrying the heart of God to the nations for over fifty years. 

You can find out more about YWAM and Fire and Fragrance at

You can hear the message I shared at "Fire and Fragrance"  on our latest podcast by clicking here