Jonathan David Helser | I've Seen I Am

I've seen I Am, now I know that I am loved. I've seen I Am, now I know who I am…..I wrote these lyrics over 8 years ago and I think I am just starting to scratch the surface of what they really mean. All it takes is one look into His eyes and everything changes. Just think about the pioneers who have gone before us…..

Moses sees the I Am in a bush on the backend of the wilderness and finds out who he really is. For 40 years Moses ran from his destiny and in one moment he discovers what he was made to be. He leaves this encounter with Love and frees a nation from 400 years of slavery. The same thing happens to Gideon. He is hiding in fear from the enemies who are robbing his destiny. He sees the I Am on the threshing floor and in the next moment he leaves his fears behind and leads a nation into freedom. Just think about the disciples after the crucifixion. They have locked themselves in a room hiding in fear. All of a sudden, the I Am walks through the walls and they see perfect Love standing before them and touch the scars in His hands and feet. The men who had fearfully locked themselves in that room came out and changed the world. The fears that once paralyzed them no longer held them down, because they found out who they really were and how much they were truly loved.

A broken generation is crying out somebody tell me who I am and what I was born to do. They are wandering through the wilderness looking for Love. My dream is to see this generation encounter the eyes of Love and find out who they truly are. Last month in the city of Dublin, Ireland I began to see a flicker of this dream burring into reality, as we gathered with 400 kids from all over the world to seek the face of the I Am. In between the conference sessions we slipped into the back part of the hotels pub and filmed this simple video of this song in one take. My great friend Luke Skaggs joins me on his fiddle.