Worship Echos

The worship we give on this earth resounds into eternity. We can give the Father something
right now, that we will not be able to give him when we stand in heaven. In heaven worship will
explode from every pore of who we are as we behold His face. In heaven we will not chose to
worship. Worship will be the very essence of who we are. On this earth worship has great cost.
Worship is a choice to believe He is more real than what our eyes can see.

Have you ever thought about the idea of there being no tears in heaven? If there are no tears
in heaven, that means we can give the Lord something on this earth that we can not give to him in heaven. Even the angels can not give him what we have to give him. That's why our tears are precious to God and he collects each one and puts our tears in his bottle. (Psalm 56:8) I love the stories of the women who radically broke religious boxes and interrupted meetings by pouring their tears, perfume and adoration upon Jesus. The religious leaders of those days questioned such outrageous worship, but Jesus said that this kind of worship was a beautiful thing. The worship we give on this earth is precious to the Lord. He collects every tear that falls from our eyes and keeps them forever.

I love when Mary radically "wasted" a bottle of perfume worth a years wages on the Lord. In
our modern times that bottle of perfume would be worth about 40,000 dollars. That's outrageous worship. Mary gave a gift of devotion that had great cost. You can't give that kind of gift in heaven. The concept of cost does not exist in heaven. Money has no value there. They have so much gold there they are paving streets with it. Jesus said that what Mary gave would resonate into every corner of the earth where the gospel is preached. The fragrance of Mary's adoration still fills the earth.

Jesus said that Mary's perfume was for the day of his burial. Have you ever thought that the
aroma of Mary's worship surrounded the Son of God on the greatest three days in the history of the world. He could smell Mary's love upon him as he was beaten. The fragrance of her perfume was with him as he hung alone on the cross. What if that perfume was even upon him as he rose from the grave and entered heaven to wash the world of its sin. What if the Father smelled that perfume as the Son of God sat down by His side? What if the Father looked at Jesus and said, "My Son you smell so good, what is that aroma?" and Jesus replied "PaPa that's the fragrance of true worship from Mary's heart. The perfume she gave me on the earth, they don't make here in heaven. Mary has done a beautiful thing for me."